Solutions for Businesses and Institutions

Provision and management of programs and media — regardless of location and terminal device — tailored to your requirements.

Provisioning is centralized — access is customized

The potential advantages of centralizing your IT infrastructure are often countered by the concern that users will find the resulting system too complicated and inflexible.
With products from H+H Software GmbH, you can provide access over virtually any device — regardless of whether the user identity is stored locally on the network or remote access is needed. H+H Software GmbH supports your IT landscape with solutions that reduce costs in both hardware and software. Moreover, administration is simplified and support is processed and provided by a single company.

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NetMan Enterprise

The efficient way to manage and serve applications, documents, hyperlinks, and optical media.
Meet all the diverse requirements of your systems and your users with uniform application-serving procedures.
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NetMan Desktop Manager

The economical edition for server-based computing in your network.
Customized, high-performance and secure access to applications and desktops, from any location and with any device. Regardless of whether the user is within your LAN or WAN, or accesses the system from outside.
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Gives you a complete solution for accessing e-journals and online databases worldwide.
From user identification to management of licenses and subscriptions, to compilation of usage statistics — it’s all in your hands.
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Virtual CD

You can give your users access to DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs as virtual media.
Provide virtual media over the network with distinct and sophisticated access rights and a level of performance that optical drives cannot achieve.