Solutions for Universities and Libraries

The provisioning and management of e-journals, applications, optical media and much more under contract to a university or library calls for solutions that enable flexible and customized access.

Comprehensive provisioning — flexible and secure use

In universities and libraries, access to e-journals and online databases or applications must be both secure and traceable. On the one hand, usage control is essential for data security as well as for compliance with licensing agreements, while on the other hand, the people who use the system want flexible, customized access to the individual elements they need — where and when they need them.

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NetMan Enterprise

The efficient way to manage and serve applications, documents, hyperlinks, and optical media.
Meet all the diverse requirements of your systems and your users with uniform application-serving procedures.
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Gives you a complete solution for accessing e-journals and online databases worldwide.
From user identification to management of licenses and subscriptions, to compilation of usage statistics — it’s all in your hands.
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Virtual CD

You can give your users access to DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs as virtual media.
Provide virtual media over the network with distinct and sophisticated access rights and a level of performance that optical drives cannot achieve.