Solutions Designed for Education and Training

Teach computer-aided courses, provide targeted access to learning materials, integrate the students' terminal devices in your classroom environment with a single click.

Intuitive teaching — secure access control

In the educational environment, you need a solution that covers widely differing groups with easy operation and high security, as well as BYOD functionality that integrates unknown devices quickly and safely. Other important functions include a wide range of options for controlling computer-aided teaching, whether for simple project work or for security-sensitive issues such as written performance evaluations. And not least of all, you need the ability to provide learning and research materials both online and offline.

Logo NetMan for Schools

NetMan for Schools

Integrate the all-in-one solution in your educational network for controlling lessons and providing information access.
NetMan for Schools makes the use of computers in the classroom easier than ever — for both teachers and network administrators.
Logo H+H Schulbox

H+H Schulbox

The Schoolbox is a virtual appliance for your school network that is ready to use almost as soon as it is installed.
Whether you have 5 or 500 workstations, H+H Schoolbox can be rapidly put into operation by the sysadmin or your systems provider.
Logo Virtual CD

Virtual CD

You can give your users access to DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs and HD-DVDs as virtual media.
Provide virtual media over the network with distinct and sophisticated access rights and a level of performance that optical drives cannot achieve.