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March 09, 2017

New HAN version 4.1.0 available

New functionality, security updates and bug fixing in the current version 4.1.0

The latest HAN version 4.1.0 is now available for you. The current version contains new functions and security updates.

Please read also our corresponding Knowledge Base article to get detailed information or contact us by e-mail:

Enjoy using our latest version of HAN to optimize your work.

Your HAN -Team


Nadine Boecker-Fredrich

December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

Claudia Biller

December 19, 2016

HAN 4.0.2 available

New Service Release to optimize HAN

The HAN service release 4.0.2 contains new features to optimize your work with HAN.

Please read also our corresponding Knowledge Base article to get detailed information about the current service release or contact us by e-mail:

Enjoy using the optimized functions of HAN

Your HAN -Team

Nadine Boecker-Fredrich

July 18, 2016

HAN 4.0.1 - New service-release available

The HAN service release 4.0.1 contains new features to optimize your work with HAN.

Please read also our corresponding Knowledge Base article to get detailed information about the current service release or contact us by e-mail:

Enjoy using the optimized functions of HAN

Your HAN -Team

Nadine Boecker-Fredrich

June 17, 2016

NEW: Release 5.5 for all NetMan-Products

Release 5.5 is now available for all NetMan-Products (NetMan, NetMan for Schools, NetMan Desktop Manager).

The new release 5.5 offers full funcionality in network environments with Windows 10 workstations.

Please contact your sales representative to discuss the necessary steps upgrading to NetMan 5.5 and Windows 10. 
Click here for our contact details.

Claudia Biller

March 17, 2016

NetMan HTML5 Client replaces the Java RDP WebClient!

Modern browsers stop supporting JAVA-Browser-Plugins

After a lot of modern browsers stopped supporting JAVA-Browser-Plugins by now, Oracle will stop providing support for the JAVA-Browser-plugin at the end of this year. This means, that from that point in time the access to your IT-network and the NetMan server with the NetMan RDP Java Webclient will no longer be possible.

We offer a cross-platform and safe alternative with the new NetMan HTML5 Client. The NetMan HTML5 Client enables especially for mobile end devices an optimal web-based access to applications, media and contents.

Please contact us.

Your H+H Software GmbH team

Claudia Biller

August 13, 2015

Virtual CD is Windows 10 compatible

Virtual CD fully supports Windows 10!

Windows 10


Virtual CD fully supports Windows 10!

In some cases, however, you might get an error message while updating your OS to Windows 10 because Windows is unable to carry over your VCD installation automatically.


Thus we strongly recommend uninstalling Virtual CD 10 before you begin the update to Windows 10..

Once the Windows 10 update has been completed, you can reinstall Virtual CD and use it as you always have. Your existing CD images remain unaffected by the update and can be used after you have reinstalled Virtual CD.


Download the latest version:

Update your Virtual CD program now and start getting the most out of the optimized software (e.g., resolved translation issues). The download file for the latest version, VCD, is available now.
VCD download



Claudia Biller

June 25, 2015

No more support from Microsoft!

As of July 14, 2015, Microsoft is no longer offering support services for Windows Server 2003. If you still have Server 2003 installations, you should know that no more patches or other security updates will be forthcoming from Microsoft – leaving your IT infrastructure open to possible security breaches.

We can help you find a solution that lets you migrate your existing IT infrastructure to the newest generation of Remote Desktop Session Hosts while protecting your system from cyber-attacks and malware, and keeping pace with the latest software on the market.

Our free consultation includes a presentation of the latest features in NetMan Desktop Manager and the new HTML5 Client. HTML5 expands the range of options for remote access to your applications, media and other content, to give you the flexibility increasingly required of today's IT infrastructures.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities available for maintaining IT security, and prepare a detailed offer for your individual system landscape.

Just give us a call, or drop us a line – click here for our contact details.

Claudia Biller

January 08, 2015

Virtual CD 10.6 is available

The leading solution for virtualizing optical media was further improved.

Further improvements have been made in the compatibility of Virtual CD with Windows 8. This ensures that all of the VCD functionalities are available with optimized performance in Windows 8.

At the same we were able to eliminate minor errors in the Task Selection dialog and the burning process.

The download file for the latest version is available here.

Carsten Kellner

November 04, 2014

HAN 3.4 release available

HAN 3.4 makes access to online resources more comfortable and includes new Features for easier work.

The current HAN 3.4 relase contains the following features:

  • HAN over HAN
    HAN can provide online resources for the access through external HAN servers or can access resouces provide by an other HAN server.
  • New cookie management for online resources using SSL encryption
    The HAN server manages centrally all cookies and sends those cookies to the provider.
  • New configuration of the HAN Web service to solve the HAN POODL attack
     The HAN Web service supports only TLS encryption methodes.

Please contact us for further information:

Your HAN -Team

Markus Libiseller

July 09, 2014

Release of HAN 3.3

Three new technical enhancements have been implemented in v3.3 for smoother, simpler operation and reliable results with HAN:

1. Support for Shibboleth authentication in HAN: HAN takes on the role of a service provider in the Shibboleth context.

2. Check for session cookies when HAN resources are called: HAN checks whether the required session cookies are permitted in the client browser. If session cookies are blocked, a message informs the user that session cookies are required for use of HAN. As soon as the cookies are permitted, trouble-free use of HAN can continue as usual.

3. Update to the latest Open SSL release, 1.0.1H: This closes the security gaps in previous Open SSL versions documented in CVE-2014-0224 (

Please contact us for further information:

Claudia Biller

June 24, 2014

HAN 3: Important information!

HAN 2 support to be discontinued at the end of 2014

Technical support will no longer be offered for HAN 2 after Dec. 31, 2014.

Plan ahead now, and start looking into the options available for updating to HAN 3!

Our staff would be happy to prepare a tailored offer for your institution or enterprise.

Click here for the contact details of the sales representative covering your area.

Claudia Biller

April 11, 2014

Heartbleed Bug

Due to recent events we would like to inform you today about the consequences of "Heartbleed" for the use of our products.

The following H+H products are not affected, as they use OpenSSL 0.9.8:

  • NetMan and older
  • NetMan Desktop Manager and older
  • HAN 3.1 and older

HAN uses OpenSSL 1.0.1e which is affected by the Heartbleed Bug.

The problem will be solved with OpenSSL 1.0.1g. Meanwhile please switch to SSLv3:

  • Open the file C:\HH\HAN\Bin\System\web\bin\sslhan.conf
  • Search the line SSLProtocol all and comment it out. Add the follwing line instead:
    SSLProtocol -all +SSLv3
  • Restart the HAN Webservice 3.

It is also recommended to renew the certificate. Many issuers offer a change for free in this case.

The problem will be fixed with HAN 3.2.2, which will vontain OpenSLL 1.0.1g. The releaseis planned for week 16 / 2014.

For questions about the topic Heartbleed in connection with the products of our company we are happy to help you.

Your team of H + H Software GmbH

Claudia Biller